Fingerprint padlock

Smart fingerprint padlocks up to one year with one charge.

Now for only € 30

Self developed chip

Using high-tech chips, fingerprint processing is faster, unlocking is more convenient, and your home is safer.

fast unlock

360° arbitrary angle biometric recognition, induction rate ≤0.5s

usb charging

Electronic smart fingerprint padlock will max last half a year after the fulling charge

only 90g

Small size and lightweight, perfect to bring in your bag

Crafted for security

Tired of carrying and losing keys to your most important locks?
Now you can unlock this unique padlock using your fingerprint so that you don’t need to carry keys everywhere.

With its low power design battery life is extended up to 1 year in standby and 6 months in use, complete charging in 2 hours, and it can be unlocked more than 3000 times. It provides a full range of recognition and storage of fingerprints for up to 10 users.

Fashion design, small and lightweight, sturdy and secure,0.5s unlock. For indoor and outdoor use, suitable for gym lockers, suitcases, golf bags, handbags, school lockers, furniture, wardrobes, bicycle and other goods that you want to protect. No matter if you use it for travel, at home, gym or even camping, this lock is always useful and you can be sure that all of your goods are being protected.

IP68 waterproof

up 10 fingerprints

The padlock can keep 10 sets of fingerprints, which means record 10 times and keep 10 groups, you can record all your fingerprints, and you can also share with your family members.

long-lasting standby

After being fully charged, it can stand by for 6 months, and when the power is low, the red light flashes after unlocking.

Anti Theft

Zinc-alloy metal body construction prevents pried, smashed or cut, capacitive scanners, high penetration, excellent recognition.


Fingerprint Padlock



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